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Paris Destination Photographer // Fun in Paris!

On one of our recent hops across the pond, I just had to make some portraits of my beautiful friend, Caz. Which was really gracious of her because this isn’t the sort of thing you do in Paris. Bridal portraits are more of a Southern thing, y’all. But she was so kind to rush through […]

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Maternity Leave

This is a special post. More than special. It’s beautiful and wonder-filled and awestruck and miraculous. Because it’s announcing the fact that I am now a mother, my husband is now a father, and we have been entrusted with the gift of a daughter that has captured our hearts for all our days. Welcome to […]

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On a Personal Note: The Love of Travel

My husband and I have been bitten. I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but one thing’s for sure: We’re totally and completely under the spell of the Travel Bug! I am so ecstatic and blessed that my husband shares my passion for seeing more of this world. He is always up for the adventure, […]

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